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Cor Catena
Cor Catena
Chief Executive Officer, Commonwealth Health

"Wilkes-Barre General Hospital engaged Advanced Inpatient Medicine(AIM) to provide hospitalist services in October, 2013. The decision to use AIM was made after a thorough review of AIM's experience, background and ability to provide hospitalist services to a facility of Wilkes-Barre General's size and complexity. Dr. O'Boyle and his team have done a terrific job in working with the attending medical staff to improve the quality of care, appropriately reduce length of stay, and enhance communication among the patient care team. We have been very satisfied with their services."

David L. Hoff
Chief Executive Officer, Wayne Memorial Hospital

"Advanced Inpatient Medicine (AIM) has done an outstanding job in meeting and /or exceeding goals we had established for them in Clinical Core Measure Performance and Patient Satisfaction Scores. We are very impressed how their Director, Dr. Louis O'Boyle, is always challenging the hospitalists and the hospital to do better in providing high quality care."

Brooks Turkel
Brooks Turkel
Chief Executive Officer, Regional Hospital, Scranton, PA

"While I want to convey my own appreciation for the high quality team that AIM provides and all they do for us, it is easier for me to simply forward this quote from a recent email I was copied on from Bob Steikes, our CFO":
'I just wanted to tell you how proud I was of the team and the work that has been done at our hospital this year. Our overall LOS is the best that I have ever seen at Regional. I can’t remember a patient complaint centered around the hospitalist crew. Anyway…we really appreciate the team that you have. It is unlike any physician partnership I have ever experienced with hospitalists…I know Gail and her team treasure the working relationship they have with you'. "Chief Financial Officers just don't take the time to write notes like this to their contracted employees. This alone speaks volumes to the quality work that Dr. O'Boyle & his group have provided at our hospital. I would recommend this group to any facility. Their approach is like no other group that I am aware of".

Mike Clifford
Chief Financial Officer, Wayne Memorial Hospital

"Dr O'Boyle and his team have been fully engaged during their tenure as Hospitalists here at Wayne Memorial. They fully participate in Hospital and Medical Staff activities. We have enjoyed a decreasing length of stay, improving patient satisfaction scores as well as improving Core Measures to mention only a few of the benefits resulting from their involvement. These benefits have helped us control costs and maintain payment rates as we enter into the Value Based Purchasing era."

James Hockenbury
James Hockenbury
Director of Ancillary Services,
Wayne Memorial Hospital

"Wayne Memorial Hospital patients and the referring physician community appreciate the specialized individual attention delivered by the Advanced Inpatient Medicine (AIM) team. Patients have given the AIM hospitalists group high patient satisfaction scores. This type of praise reinforces the ideology that patients do recognize the extra effort provided by the group really does impact their overall patient experience. We consider ourselves fortunate to have someone of Dr. O’Boyle’s caliber lead such an intricate part of our medical delivery system. "
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